Exposure of Radio Frequency Radiation through 5G, Wireless Technology

There is a special interest of the tech giants and mobile manufacturers into the Wireless Technology. Then, the focus is shifted to the IoT, 5G technology, and the wearable gadgets. When we learn the concepts of Wireless systems, it’s almost inevitable to not to mention about the radio frequencies and electromagnetic radiations. The complete Wireless setup is based on it!

Exposure of Radio Frequency Radiation through 5G, Wireless Technology

I will mention the Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields as the RF-EMF for the rest of the article.

Radio Frequency Radiation through 5G

Now, starting off: You are constantly in contact with the RF-EMF by natural (sun) as well as artificial ways (wireless systems). So, the concern over the possible effects of them on the health is normal! Even the GSMA has published a separate booklet entitled ‘What do the new uses of Wireless Technologies mean with that of the Radio Frequency Exposure?’

All the new applications and gadgets that make use of the Radio Frequency are developed keeping the exposure limits in check. A lot of researchers have worked upon it and designed the International Exposure Limit Guidelines which mentions the limits. So, there are rules and regulations set and the developers have to follow them accordingly.

Another fact about the RF guidelines is that they are not technology-specific, and is continuously under review. The consensus is later on passed to different public health authorities and even the WHO! This way, all the health concerns and the possible health hazards with the RF-EMF are closely examined.

The key bands of the 5G technology are found to be having a similar frequency like most of your mobile technologies. While the millimeter waves which are nothing but the high frequency waves are used for the small-cell deployments. This way, as the small cells are closer to the users, the devices will also operate more efficiently than normal.

Kindly note, if you are taking a 5G device to another 5G existing environment, then there would a slight increase in the pressure of exposure. Still, they won’t harm you in any way. Another 10-years study carried out for the RF emissions in 25 countries, proved that the signal emissions were 5000 times lower than the actual international guideline limit. 

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