GeekWire Weekly Roundup: Top Tech News from March 10, 2024

GeekWire Weekly Roundup: Top Tech News from March 10, 2024

Survival of the fittest in a rapidly changing world of technology is important. GeekWire’s weekly roundup this week covers a range of news, from individuals who have been in the industry for some time venturing into new areas of artificial intelligence (AI) to space-based data storage projects. Let us take a look at the headlines that caught our attention on March 10, 2024.

GeekWire Weekly Roundup: Top Tech News from March 10, 2024

Top Tech News from March 10, 2024

Below are the top tech news stories from March 10, 2024, according to the GeekWire Weekly Roundup:

An AI Veteran Dabbles with Generative Technology

Joseph Sirosh, an experienced technology executive with stints at Amazon and Microsoft, has finally come out of his shell with his latest startup focusing on generative AI. It is his past achievements, which include instrumental roles in building both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, that have been causing quite a stir around his most recent undertaking.

Although no details are available about it as expected in most stealthy startups, speculation suggests that this company may explore how generative AI can be employed in creating completely new content ranging from real-looking images to novel product designs.

Taking Data Centers to New Heights: Lumen Orbit’s $2.4M Mission

Lumen Orbit has now emerged out of secrecy and managed to secure $2.4 million as its first round of funding. What do they want? They want to put data centers into space! This idea could change everything about how data is stored and processed.

If Lumen Orbit’s vision turns into reality by leveraging vacuum and nearly nonstop solar energy, data centers will become more efficient, fail-safe, and secure. With implications for cloud computing all the way through scientific research being huge, it will be interesting to see how TerraPower‘s concept unfolds.

Gates-Backed TerraPower Aims for Nuclear Power Supremacy

TerraPower, a nuclear energy company co-founded by Bill Gates, is exuding confidence. Today, the firm is in an active race to become the first organization to deploy the next-generation nuclear power plants in the United States.

This new form of nuclear energy holds the hope for cleaner, safer, and more efficient reactors. TerraPower’s success could completely change the face of the energy sector, potentially providing a dependable and sustainable substitute for conventional fossil fuels.

Funding Your Dreams: A Guide to Non-Dilutive Grants for Startups

Raising money is a constant challenge for startups. While venture capital might seem tempting, it often implies “dilution,” where investors take over ownership stakes in your business. Some valuable alternatives must be highlighted this week; these are non-dilutive funding options like small business grants, which enable startups to grow while retaining ownership. Here are some guidelines if you want to apply for these grants:

  • Identify the Right Grant: Investigate and find grant programs that match your startup’s mission and industry.
  • Craft a Compelling Story: Your grant proposal should be written as a captivating story that highlights how good your business idea is.
  • Focus on Impact: Show how your startup will address some problem or need affecting people around it.
  • Demonstrate Financial Responsibility: You should have a well-defined budget that demonstrates how you intend to effectively use funds from grants.
  • It takes Persistence: Don’t feel disheartened if you are not successful in your first application. Many grant programs are highly competitive, so change your tack and try again.

So long as startups can follow these steps and remain informed on the latest advancements in tech, they can position themselves for success in an ever-changing, dynamic landscape.

AI Takes Wing To Children’s Books With Feelings: Microsoft Design Chief

Heartwarming news about design and artificial intelligence emerged this week. Charlie Lee, Microsoft’s Chief Design Officer, demonstrated collaboration with AI to develop illustrations for a special children’s book, which his son Max co-authored with him. The title of the book is “My Friend the Monster,” which creatively portrays childhood anxiety issues in a manner that many kids will understand.

Max, Lee’s son, who suffers from anxiety, played an important part in shaping the narrative. Then AI technology used its unique illustrative capabilities to bring characters and world images alive. This way of using artificial intelligence, among others, has the potential for developing engaging resources that are therapeutic for children experiencing similar issues through collaboration between father and son together with AI.

Interlune Shoots For The Moon In Mining Lunar Helium-3

All you techies out there, hold your breath! A new space firm named Interlune has just come out of hiding to reveal plans to mine helium-3 on the moon. This particular isotope is expected to be a fuel source in future nuclear fusion reactors because it has immense possibilities like none other.

Interlune’s mission could hardly be more groundbreaking than it is at present. They intend to land rovers specifically designed to extract helium-3 trapped within the regolith, the dust-covered surface shell of the moon. By doing this, extracted helium-3 would henceforth alter world energy dynamics once carried back to Earth.

A likely outcome of Interlune being able to pull off such a venture might touch significantly on clean energy soon. With helium-3 fusion, there is an opportunity for clean energy that is virtually limitless and thus could address worldwide energy issues as well as make the world a better place.

Tech Talent Shuffle: Big Moves Across the Industry

There was a lot of shuffling of tech talent this week. Check out some of the most notable ones below:

  • Kymeta Names Former AMD Exec as CEO: Dr. Greg Snyder, previously at AMD, has been taken up as Chief Executive Officer of Kymeta, a satellite communications solutions company. Dr. Snyder’s vast experience in semiconductors is projected to accelerate Kymeta’s growth path.
  • GitHub Exec Departs for Twilio: In a surprising move this week, Jessica McKellar, GitHub’s Director of Product Management, announced she would be leaving to work with Twilio, which is a cloud communications platform provider. As far as developers are concerned, this will be beneficial for Twilio, given Ms. McCellar’s background.
  • DocuSign Security Expert Joins Proofpoint: Mike Hamilton, who used to act as Head of Security at DocuSign, has joined cybersecurity firm Proofpoint. There is no doubt that Mr. Hamilton’s wide-ranging knowledge relating to digital security will enhance Proofpoint’s defensive strategies.
  • Fred Hutch Announces New VP of Technology Transfer: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has just appointed Dr. Brianna McLaughlin as its new Vice President of Technology Transfer. In her capacity, she will play a pivotal role in facilitating the transfer of cancer research findings into the commercial market, thereby speeding up development processes for life-saving remedies.

These strategic moves illustrate how dynamic the tech industry can be while continuously searching for top talent.

Bezos and Sanchez Award More Courageous Changemakers

These awards are given by philanthropists Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez through their Courage and Civility Awards program. The couple announced the 2024 recipients of the $50 million prize, which is awarded to those individuals and institutions that work towards a better world.

Although we cannot leak much regarding the latest honorees until the day of awarding them, one thing is certain: these people have done a lot in their areas of expertise. As within reach as they seem, everyday heroes hold far-reaching impacts, as proven by the Courage and Civility Awards program.


In conclusion, technology has exploded with innovation and ambition, as seen in the headlines of March 10, 2024. Whether it’s AI developments that push boundaries or heartwarming human-AI collaborations, everything now seems possible.

Thus, what stands out in all these stories is that technology’s future remains bright. GeekWire offers additional news on the dynamic tech world, where each day ushers in new avenues for discovery and advancement.

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