The team

How did it start?

Hey guys, this is Jesse here and HPclients Team is currently led by me and my friend Ray. Well, when people ask me the same question on how it all started with the website, I really go out of words. But definitely, we have a story to share with you guys.

Ray and I are childhood friends, and we were still in touch after our graduation. Both of us are tech-savvy people and go nuts for the newly launched gadget. We had this common thing which has kept us connected all the time. So, that’s it! One fine day Ray called me and asked if I would like to partner with him – and you know what my answer was!

About HPclients

The goal is to voice some amazing gadgets and give an unbiased opinion for the same. Also, we feature the Gadget of the Week where we review the Best Trending Gadget for the whole week.

Another point that we will be focussing on – Application, Home Gadgets, History of the appliances, etc.


Yes, we are in search for quality writers and editors. If you are interested or know anyone who might be willing to blog – then you can Contact Us right away.

Or you could mail us your resume with a clear subject line to HPclients @